Sadiki school workshop

On September 17, 2016, a kick-off workshop was held in the Sadiki School in Tunis so as to present the project to public and youth interested in volunteering. Hence, the day started with a booth, which was set up to distribute flyers and stickers. Parents, as well as students, were interested to know more about the project and eager to see similar initiatives happen around the country. One hundred and fifty kids were gathered all morning to mingle with the organizing team. Students were taught how to create their first website using the Weebly platform. Afterwards, they were asked to create a blog website for their school. The first workshop conducted in 2016 had a 50% participation by women, a key step in enabling gender parity in Internet access and skills. This pilot project has shown that these kids are eager to learn more about Internet connectivity. They all want to produce content, not only to consume information.

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